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Oh, btw…

My name is Tirzah M. Johnson.  I like to leave a sparkle wherever I go. 

I spend my time doing many things but describe myself as an…

• Award-winning web designer & developer
• PR professional + public speaker.
• Tech + business accountability coach
• E-Commerce Coach + Shopify Partner.
• And a multi-passionate entrepreneur. 


(Also, The “M” is for Moneé. So money is literally my middle name.)

woman on a mission


I empathize with how scary it can be to jump in to start your own business. This why I am here to offer my years of knowledge, hundreds of hours of schooling and sleepless nights of research to help you strategically launch and scale your business into a profitable brand.

Why am I doing this? One of my greatest joys in life comes from seeing my clients grow confident in their business as upcoming leaders in their industry. I love to see clients glow when they can spend their days doing what they love. I call this the YesHoney Glow Up™

how did i end up here

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not on
Kansas anymore.

– Dorthy, Wizard of Oz

Well, it is a long story but it all began with MySpace…
I made money as an adolescent, designing and modifying MySpace profiles for friends in the early 2000s but I originally wanted to be a journalist. The recession’s massive $10,000,000 budget cut to the state of California closed my high school’s journalism program in spite of my plans. And voila, life trajectory change.

The New Plan: Bachelor in Web Design & Interactive Media at the Art Institute of California–Sacramento. 

I became painfully aware that my financial foundation was not as sound as it should’ve been in my freshman year of college. I began introducing myself to all the professors of the senior-level classes, department heads, and officers. This was followed by volunteering for every possible event until I secured a student worker position working directly with the Director of Design at the time.

Going Pro: Internships, Money Moves, and Opportunities
My professional web career began fairly quickly (sans Tom from Myspace). After working at the school for a year, I secured an internship at a web development agency called Digital Gear.

I was hired on full-time upon graduating working on large accounts such as,,, and I said goodbyes to the awesome team at Digital Gear as Technology Director for a new role as a Front-end developer at There I gained a wealth of knowledge on marketing, analytics and on how multimillion dollar companies prioritize their marketing efforts.

Reinvesting in Myself for My Clients: Master of Science in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Full Sail University

While working full-time at Lumens, I was named Valedictorian earning awards for Business Model Development, Entrepreneurial Finance, Legal Issues for Entrepreneurship, Business Model Presentation & Thesis as well as the Advanced Achievement Award. 

I am now finalizing a second graduates degree to continue serving my clients in PR counsultations.

CURRENT adVentures

step with care and great tact, & remember that life’s a great balancing act -Dr.Seuss

YesHoney Collective™ Agency 

As the founder of the collective, I bring together top creative and marketing talent to pair my clients with the appropriate tools and processes to grow their businesses on and offline. We offer branding, web design/development, and PR strategy.  Each week I host our #YHCStorySummit where I connect entrepreneurs across industries.
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Past Shenanigans 

Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.” – Lionel Hampton

Art Institute of California–Sacramento Business Instructor

I returned to my college alma mater to teach. I was happy to give back to the system that gave me wings to pursue professional dreams. I taught entrepreneurial courses for students in web design, fashion marketing, and graphic design programs.

(If you are curious, past courses include E-Commerce & Analytic Strategies and Business of Graphic Design.)


YesHoney Official, Sunglasses & Accessories

In spring 2017, I launched YesHoney™, an eyewear company that works with new freelancers to allow them to establish work in their creative portfolios. We specialized in retro sunglasses for men and women as well as women’s swimwear.