AnswerThePublic is a tool created by the team behind CoverageBook software which helps teams quickly make coverage PR reports.

Similar to the Google auto suggestion feature, AnswerThePublic allows marketers to leverage big data gain a deeper understanding of their audience using natural language search results.

By looking at the way users are querying search, PR professionals can develop a list of questions to develop story ideas that inform their audience about topics tangent to core search results.

The tool is completely free to use and invites users to join a beginner’s email course on how to use the tool. The interface is highly simplistic much like standard search engines but offers filters for language and keyword to generate a list of questions relative to the search topic.

For $99/month, the pro plan that offers unlimited searches, public language + location based results, photo high-res images, saved reports, person unlimited team members, and additional visibility settings.

Pros to using AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic offers a visual map of potential content ideas related to the initial query based on search results.

Cons to Using AnswerThePublic

Though the tool is designed to be mobile friendly, it’s responsive layout for mobile is not as user-friendly as the desktop visualization of connected keywords. The desktop is a far more superior user experience. The list function still proves to be useful in generating an alphabetical list of ideas.