I asked my dad what began his love for reading. When I was growing up he always had a book in his hand and was listening to self-help cassette tapes before we called them audiobooks.

He grew up in Alabama in a place where everyone still has their accents for the most part.

He said when he was 8 years old he listened to a tape of a recent sermon Martin Luther King had just done in the library.

As he was listening MLK, he realized that he didn’t speak like anyone he knew even though he was from the south too.

My dad was pretty entrepreneurial and wanted to be taken seriously so he began carrying a dictionary and memorizing every single word one by one. 

He didn’t realize how unapproachable his vocabulary had become until he got a bit older and his family couldn’t understand him anymore.

He started reading more and more to gain better context.

I’ve never known why my dad didn’t have a accent. I just assumed school ironed it out. Now I know it was combination of inspiration, volition, self-awareness, and a ton of books. 

Martin Luther King inspired my dad to read and my dad inspired me. Pretty dope.

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