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Self-care is such a buzzword right now…so here I am throwing this post out there for anyone who is willing and able to read it.

As someone who has…

  • Read an excessive amount of self-help books searching for answers.
  • Faced the fact that I have 1000 ideas per day and only 24 hours.
  • Been through my own personal hell and back a multitude of times.
  • Been super overwhelmed by life, debt, shortcomings etc.

The best advice I can give is to…keep a journal.

(This is the part where you picture me on a soapbox)


Keeping a journal is one of the best possible gifts you can give yourself because it shows progress.

  • See all the things you have overcome.
  • Give yourself permission to boast about your wins.
  • Share honestly with yourself about what could be improved.
  • Create a timeline of how much you were able to endure and keep going.
  • Gain clarity to see patterns in the ebb and flow of when you are inspired and when you are overwhelmed.
  • Fight off the negative talk of others in your mind with receipts of your progress.

…and most of all be the hero in your own story.

We move through time in such a linear way, we sometimes forget to look at how far we have come.

When we become so damnenveloped in trying to get where we want to be, we often also forget where we are now.

(I am super guilty of this so I can speak from experience. And believe me, I get it. You have goals. I do too. However, we have to be aware of what steps we are capable of now, in the present, to get there.)

Be gentle with yourself. All you have is now. Today. This moment. 
You DO NOT have to write a book.

It can literally be as simple as a list of 3 things you are grateful for today and 3 ways you can improve for tomorrow.

Start each day with intention and end each night in reflection.
Watch how quickly your life changes and how much peace will flow into your world when you can sleep knowing you get a fresh chance to start again tomorrow with notes on how to do and be better.

Whether you are like me and keep a notebook in every corner of your room, use a Panda Planner, use The 5-minute Journal or the back of bill envelopes that are stressing you out…

Find a way to get what is circling your mind out on paper.
Powerful things happen when your thoughts are manifested on a page in pen.

Count your wins and watch how many cool things you make happen daily.

Okay. That’s it. Thanks for coming to tonight’s TedTalk.

*steps off soapbox*

Choose your own adventure in the comments:

  • Are you badass and already keep a journal? Share how you like to organize yours below.
  • Do you use a purchased journal or planner for reflection? 
    Share which one is your favorite in the comments. (If you don’t have one yet, here is an awesome list curated by the team over at GirlBoss)
  • Want ideas on how to start a journal? 
    Shoot me an email at with the headline “Journal Ideas! Please!” and I will send you over my list.

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