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It is amusing what preconceived notions people have about hiring an accountability coach.

Some assume I will be a drill sergeant yelling at them for not hitting deadlines while others come believing I have some magic money attracting trick.

I am quick to share that is not what my service actually entails. There is no yelling, there are no get rich quick schemes. There is me, you, the truth of where you are at, and the vision for where you are going.

I want to provide some context to my unique approach to coaching but before we dive in…

You may be asking yourself, is booking an accountability session right for me?

If you are ready to:
Overcome the fear of starting a new business.
Organize for growth
• Get out of your head to take action.
• Challenge your fear of failure.
• Fight imposter syndrome
Get help prioritizing your efforts…

…then yes you should book a dream builder session to get started.

Some challenges I can help you with include:
• Building an online brand
• Starting an e-commerce store from scratch
• Finding the right resources
• Creating a marketing plan of action
• Identifying opportunities to monetize your business model
• Reviewing your website to increase conversions

Sound appealing? Dope. Let’s dive in.

What actually happens in an accountability session?

We will take a deep dive into your goals to outline a detailed vision of what success looks like for you. Why? Because every person has their own vision of success.

Example: Some families measure success not by your educational pedigree or accomplishments but by how well you raise your children.

This is not the same as my personal definition of success. For me, my success is defined by how many people I can mobilize to achieve their goals.

It is important to know what you want for yourself, not what others want for you when you come book a call. This means I will ask some questions to be sure I can provide the right resources and guidance for YOU.

Wait, Tirzah then what does accountability mean when working with you?

Accountability coaching means reminding you of what you are working towards when tasks feel too hard, you are too tired(like I am while writing this post), or you fall short. Learn how to get people to put some RESPEK on your name as you build your brand even if you are considered the black sheep in your family for wanting to do something different than staying in a 9-to-5.

Ultimately, I help you to rewrite narratives that shape your current reality to foster new habits.

“Accountability is the difference between making decisions instead of choices.”


This process requires honesty with yourself and me. I will help you build systems, network contacts, and lists of resources to maximize your growth potential.

It isn’t all work and no play though. I will also be there to celebrate your wins with you every step of the way and isolate ways you can do even better the next week.

“People will give you 1000 reasons why they can’t but will hesitate to give you 1 why they can. Even if the same tools are available. The same 24 hours in a day. “


I could talk about helping you all day, but I will let my clients take it from here.

Let me introduce you to, Keheira. She can share first-hand what the accountability experience is like.

“With Tirzah’s help I was able to really focus and get things done that I had been putting off for months in regard to moving my business to consulting. Not only was the planner helpful but just changing my mindset on how I look at my goals while filling it out really pushed me to get things done faster than expected.

I would definitely recommend you work with her if you have a goal and need a push or just have an idea and want someone to help you break it down then hold you accountable.

I’m already planning on booking her for my next idea and would happily send anyone else that feels “stuck”/overwhelmed with an idea to book with her.”

Want to be my next success story? Book a consultation to get started with accountability coaching.

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