Your heart will change and all negative energy should be turned off at this time… All procrastination, doubt, and discouragement will all go away. How you feel should be left in the past.

This should have been the warning before hopping on a very special call about a week or two ago. Never been the one to gas, but I had no idea it would be like that. As I searched for answers as to why I refused to organize myself, I was gifted a consultation with Tirzah by my guy Madu. 

I expected this call to only last about 20 minutes because I knew I didn’t want to automate everything. I underestimated Tirzah and her ability to pull things out of me that I didn’t want to admit to myself. She forced me to face myself.

I pride myself on my self-awareness, my accountability, and my work ethic. She basically put me on steroids and solved every problem I was facing. As a guide to so many of my following, and I’m not sure how I feel about that word, I have to be the best I can be. You all deserve that.

Below is my full review of her service to me and how much of a great young woman she is.



Brandon Jones

Serial entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, & Licensed Independent Insurance Adjuster, The B Jones

Tirzah’s services far exceeded my expectations when I signed up for the three month plan. Tirzah is pretty much knowledgeable in almost everything so she was able to assist me with multiple projects I have been working on and put me in contact with a few people I was able to hire to complete certain tasks. One of the few things she has helped me out with has been developing press kits for my companies, developing social media marketing strategies, as well being available to answer questions that I had outside of my designated meeting time.

Don’t think of Tirzah as just an accountability coach, she is so much more than that. Book with her and find out what I mean.

Ogechukwu Madu

Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur, The Blackseed Group

With Tirzah’s help I was able to really focus and get things done that I had been putting off for months in regard to moving my business to consulting. Not only was the planner helpful but just changing my mindset on how I look at my goals while filling it out really pushed me to get things done faster than expected.

I would definitely recommend you work with her if you have a goal and need a push or just have an idea and want someone to help you break it down then hold you accountable.

I’m already planning on booking her for my next idea and would happily send anyone else that feels “stuck”/overwhelmed with an idea to book with her.


Founder, Backpack Media

Tirzah has been such a great help! She gave me a bunch of resources to help me build my brand but also stay focused personally and be able to execute with a clear plan. She was very knowledgeable and our weekly talks never seemed stuffy or uncomfortable. They were always helpful but still relaxed. I would definitely recommend her services! She is awesome!

Angel Johnson

Tirzah has been the catalyst and mentor I needed to get started on forming my candle business, illuminate B. Candles. Without Tirzah, I would have not been able to accomplish majority of the work I have completed. I am a pretty organized person who plans everything, but I was so amazed on how much I accomplished in the one month I used her services. In addition to her helping me get started with my business, she also helped me break down my weekly, monthly, short term and long term goals. If you are caught lacking, she will definitely hold you accountable lol. She poses different questions to get the wheels turning in your head. On my initial consultation call, I was nervous because I didn’t know if I would have all the answers ( and I didn’t) to the questions she was going to ask. She shared her own personal journey and challenged my original goals as well. She is very personable, and shows interest in your dream/goal and gives you the necessary pep talks to motivate you along the way. I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to get their self together in any aspect and I will be using her services again in the near future. TIRZAH IS A BEAST!!!! Bri

E-Commerce Shop Owner, Illuminate B Candles

I started out with a goal for myself, but I work best when I’m able to bounce ideas off of others. As much as I try to do things on my own, this is my truth. However, for me, it’s only effective when working with someone like Tirzah who doesn’t have the pressure of the project on them and who has already been there, done that and can offer a better path and new perspective. Her experiences and her being unafraid to push me to make one step three have been invaluable to me. Also, sometimes, the best thing you can do is strengthen the foundations of a project and why you’re undertaking it before jumping into your next move. Tirzah helps you get to the bottom of that and then lets you take off with your project. This is why I would recommend her to others.

Jalynn S.

Today I had a consultation with Tirzah that opened my eyes on what I need to do to start scaling my business in a sustainable way. She really took her time to listen & get to know me & my business before giving me advice which was very important to me. Tirzah has clearly worked with many business owners to help them solve problems they are experiencing which made her advice that much more valuable. She didn’t have to search for an answer to the problems I was having. She had them already. I would highly recommend her services.


Full-time Entrepreneur, Recbusiness.com

Working with Tirzah has improved my productivity levels immensely! From just 1 month month of working with her, I have learned and received many tools and resources to help aid with not only my own personal growth, but growth for my business as well! The thing I love most about working with Tirzah is how personable she is, during our weekly calls she would help me move forward with my next goal and provided USEFUL resources so that I had no excuse! 😂 She understood my situation and catered to it which really meant a lot. She also gifted me a lovely panda planner that has now become a necessity to my life. (: BOOK WITH TIRZAH BECAUSE YOU HONESTLY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!!!!! 🙌🏾


Founder, Komfort Oasis

Working with Tirzah was a wonderful experience! If you need help getting and/or staying on track, I would definitely suggest scheduling time with her. She has a wealth of knowledge and helpful resources to assist you with your journey.

Shy D.